Have a blockbusting time swapping columns and matching pairs. But don't forget to play the field and arrange sets of three for even more possibilities. As the levels get higher, the shapes fall faster. Try to keep up because if your stack of shapes reaches the death line, it's game over! Get addicted to this fast paced game that tests your finger speed as well as the speed of your mind. So get your game on and become a Shapetrix master.

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Check out Shapetrix at these links. Hope you enjoy

G-O Shot

This is an arcade style shooter game. Fly through space on your quest to collect bonuses to help keep the game going. Don't get hit by the "enemies" that you meet along the way. Dodge and swerve through the maze on your way through the galaxies. It's three strikes Game Over!

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Check out G-O Shot at these links links. Hope you enjoy

Hot Pictato

Grow from a “Sprout” to a “Super Spud” in no time by snapping your selfie and engaging your friends in the frantically fun game of Hot Pictato. Avoid getting baked by passing your selfie back and forth until time runs out. Don't be shy, join the fun and laugh your spud off. Choose your device, snap your pic, and let the chaos ensue!

We were put into contact with Letter B to help with this mobile game. We did the app logo, game art and music. We also hired a programmer to do game programming and Letter B did the server side programming. We also did a simple game website which you can see here.

Follow this link to go to Letter B's website and find out more about what they do.

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Check out Hot Pictato on Google Play. Hope you enjoy

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