City of Tulsa Water Commercials

We worked with Grasshorse Studios in Winfield, IA to create these public service announcements for Tulsa, OK. to educate viewers about storm water quality issues. The characters are modeled and animated using Blender and the backgrounds are painted canvas. We helped with the modeling, rigging and some animation.


To find out more about Grasshorse check out their website by clicking here.

Erosion and Sediment Runoff

In this first commercial, Civilian does some building and is confronted by Sargent Red about his bad construction habits.

Storm Drains and Pollution

The second commercial has Civilian up to his old habb=its when Sargent Red comes and corrects him again.

Low Impact Development

The Last commercial has Civilian learning about what happens when water runoff goes to the streams and rivers and how to prevent as much harm as possible.

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